Café 22 West
Quality,fresh ingredients, handmade burgers, top notch seasonal fruits offered up for  pancakes, waffles and milkshakes 


We welcome any comments you would like our staff to know about, please email us by using the link at bottom of this page. Here are some we have already received.


"Nice and new but 50's style café just opened a month ago. The article about Café 22 was on Salem Monthly, and it sounded so good, so I went there to have a breakfast.

Café 22 was right next to Aspinwall's Nursery, so all fruits and vegetables come straight from the nursery's fruit stand. So Nice.

I had crapes which were thin pancakes stuffed and rolled up with fresh fruit. Now you can choose raspberry or blueberry, so I had blueberry crapes. It comes with fresh and real whipped cream. They were Awesome!! They were stuffed with tons of fresh blueberries. All sweetness comes from blueberries.

my husband had a biscuit and gravy. It was good too. I cannot find good gravy so often, but Café 22 has nice gravy that has good consistency and chunk of sausage.

The café is actually kind of small, but in summer time they have outside seating. It would be nice to sit outside in the summer"


" I have to tell you the restaurant is EXCELLENT! during the summer they are extremely busy but during the wintertime it is calm and peaceful. they have the best hamburgers! also for breakfast, one of the cooks, Jim, will make art with his pancakes!!





Open everyday from 7:30am to 3:00pm

Café 22 west
5172 Salem-Dallas hwy
Salem,Oregon 97304
(503) 363-4643