Café 22 West
Quality,fresh ingredients, handmade burgers, top notch seasonal fruits offered up for  pancakes, waffles and milkshakes 

Lunch Menu

Cafe 22 Burgers

 Lunch on the farm is always better! All of our burgers are made from hand-crafted, never frozen ground beef and grilled to perfection! Each 1/2 lb burger is decked with garden fresh produce, a toasted bun and served with your choice of french fries, tater tots, or Grandma’s potato salad or side salad.

Add $2.50 for cafe beer battered onion rings


The Farmer Burger                                  

Crisp shredded lettuce, fresh sliced tomato,

sweet relish and mayo topped with melted
sharp cheddar cheese.
ADD BACON                                           $2.00

Louie Burger

Sharp cheddar cheese melted over crisp bacon bits.        
Served plain and simple.       

Alarmer Burger                                      

Pepper jack cheese, sliced jalapeno, tomato,                 
shredded lettuce, onion & Chipotle mayo.


BBQ Beer Battered Onion Burger                   

Our hand-dipped, beer-battered onion rings

loaded on top of crisp sizzling bacon and

smothered with sweet BBQ sauce. Finished with
shredded lettuce, fresh sliced tomato & mayo.



Royal Bleu Bacon Burger                           

Swiss cheese melted over blue cheese crumbles
 and crisp bacon.Topped with shredded lettuce,
fresh sliced tomato, onion & mayo.



Swiss Mushroom Burger                              

Sautéed mushrooms & sweet onions topped

with melted Swiss cheese. Finished with
shredded lettuce, fresh sliced tomato & mayo.

Southern Route                                      

 Pepper jack cheese & crisp bacon , with
avocado slices, onion, mayo & chipotle mayo. 

Chili Burger                                          
 House made Chili ladled over an open faced
hamburger patty and bun. Topped with shredded
cheddar cheese and onion.

 Garden Fresh Burger                                

Our garden burger is topped with sautéed

mushrooms, mayo,fresh sliced tomato and finished

with melted Swiss cheese.


 No Bun Intended                                   

Your choice of hamburger patty or grilled 
chicken breast and choice of cheese. Served
with tomato, onion and avocado on a bed
 of shredded lettuce.


Grilled Sandwiches

Served with your choice of french fries, tater tots, or Grandma’s potato salad or side salad.

Add $2.50 for Café beer battered onion rings


 Hot Pastrami Reuben                                   

Fresh shaved pastrami served hot and piled high on

dark rye with sauerkraut, Swiss cheese and finished

with Thousand Island dressing.


Sourdough Patty Melt                                 

Thin-sliced sweet onions, Swiss cheese, and ground

beef all grilled together on sourdough bread.


Tuna Melt                                             

A mixture of seasoned tuna and mayo, draped with

melted sharp cheddar cheese, grilled and served

with your choice of bread.


 Cafe Grilled Cheesier                                 

Nothing but cheese! You call it - cheddar, Swiss or

pepper jack on your choice of wheat or

Add Ham                                               $2.00

Garden ripe tomatoes, sizzling bacon and
shredded iceberg lettuce sandwiched
between toasted sourdough bread and mayo.

Grilled Chicken Sandwich                              
Grilled chicken breast topped with your
choice of cheddar, Swiss or pepper jack cheese,
romaine lettuce, tomato, mayo on a toasted bun.
Try it Cajun!

Beer Battered fish Sandwich                          

Two cod fillets topped with cheddar cheese &
lettuce. Finished with mayo and tarter sauce on
a grilled bun.

Chicken Strips Platter                                

Four lightly-breaded chicken strips served with choice
of dipping sauce.


 Fish & chips                                                                

Three tavern battered cob fillets served
 with tarter sauce & lemon wedge.




  Split plates add $2.00           




























 Wrap It Up

Wraps are served with your choice of french fries, tater tots or Grandma’s potato salad.

Add $2.50 for café beer battered onion rings


Chicken Café Caesar                           

Crisp romaine lettuce, Caesar dressing, Grilled chicken breast and Parmesan cheese tossed together and rolled-up in a flour tortilla.


BLTA Cream Cheese Wrap                      

A flour tortilla dresses with basil cream cheese

then layered with chopped romaine, crisp bacon

pieces, chopped tomato and avocado.


Veggie Garden Wrap                            

Romaine lettuce, tomato,cucumber,onion,mushrooms,
Shredded cheddar cheese and avocado tossed
with olive oil and red wine vinegar, rolled in a flour
tortilla dressed with basil cream cheese.

Add chicken                                       $2.95

Fresh Chopped Salads


Grilled Cafe Chicken Ceasar                     

Grilled sliced chicken breast over a bed of romaine

lettuce that has been tossed in Caesar dressing,

Parmesan cheese & croutons.


Garden Chop                                               

Fresh diced tomato, cucumber, avocado, onion,

mushroom, shredded sharp cheddar,spinach and croutons tossed with crisp romaine. Your choice of dressing.

Add Chicken                                                $2.50 

                             Split Plate $2.00




 Kids Lunch Menu 

 All lunch items are served with your choice of french fries, tater tots or Grandma’s potato salad.


Little Farmer Burger                                     

Our featured burger served in a smaller size to fit

everyone’s appetite!


Hot Dog                                                         

Grilled and served with ketchup & mustard.


Grilled Cheese                                               

Sharp cheddar cheese melted between your choice

of sourdough or wheat bread.


Chicken Strips                                               

Three lightly breaded chicken strips served with

choice of side.


Peanut Butter & Jelly                                    

Creamy peanut butter sandwiched with your choice

of Aspinwall’s strawberry or blackberry jam.


All kids’ meals are served with choice of drink and one free refill.



Beverages                                   West Sides

Soda                                        French Fries   

Coffee                                     Onion Rings   

Ice Tea                                    Tater Tots     

Hot Tea                                  Grandma’s Potato Salad

* Ask your server for available milk shakes